Monday, November 12, 2012

Real Life Heroes

Wow! It feels like I've been away forever! I hope everyone is doing great.
I wanted to share some drawings/designs I did over the weekend.
Here are a handful of WWI soldiers/personnel designs. I definitely enjoyed drawing these characters. I purposely wanted to keep the drawings fairly loose and sketchy. As much as I love painting my designs, sometimes its nice to just sketch black and white.
The reason why I chose this subject matter was because Sunday, November 11th was Remembrance Day in Canada. I wanted to in my own way pay tribute to the brave soldiers. In doing so, I also decided that since it's Movember, I thought it'd be fun to have each one of these characters sport a mustache.
With so much history on this topic to be researched, I really hope to explore this era further and hopefully create visually engaging designs/characters that do them justice. I hope you all enjoy them. Thanks for stopping by:)