Friday, July 13, 2012

Boudin Bakery Reversal

This painting was inspired by a famous bakery I visited on a recent trip to beautiful San Francisco. The Boudin Bakery is famous for their sourdough French bread; which is absolutely delicious btw! If you're in San Francisco, definitely stop by Fisherman's Wharf and check it out. Also grab a bite to eat there, you'll be happy you did.

Other than the food, what is really awesome about this bakery is that you could watch the bakers create beautiful works of art; transforming the dough into shapes of various animals. So while I was there watching this, the idea of reversing the situation to having the animals be the ones to create the bread to look like people came to me.

I can't tell you how much fun I had creating and painting this piece. I hope you all enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by:)

Final Painting

Rough Sketch

Thumbnail Sketch


  1. I would surely want to go there after reading thru d yummy stuff u wrote! D picture is simply superb love d concept!:) der's a fishermen wharf is india-goa too bt they dont make yum bread.its all sea food.:) love d animals expressions n lighting you have done!well done:)

  2. Oh wait boundin bakery sells bread. Not fisherman's wharf. Read it wrong:) wish der was a boundin bakery here!

  3. Great drawing and story piece here Vince!

  4. Is this traditional media or Photoshop? Would love to have an overview or breakdown - the sketches are cool but I think a lot of artists would be interested on your technique as well for the final product. Great work!

  5. Thank you all so much for the wonderful feedback and comments! Glad you liked it:)
    You guys all inspire me to want to improve and learn new techniques.

    @Suzanne: This piece was sketched and painted using Photoshop. For this piece I just tried to approach it as if it was traditional media. I also tried using as few layers as possible.

  6. Very nice Vince!
    Love the animal characters and the fun narrative.

  7. very nice to see the process! good stuff, love the post below as well:)

  8. Thanks Jesse and Nikolas! So glad you both liked it:) You guys both have such inspiring work, it's a joy to look at!! Thanks again!