Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bear Painting

As promised in my prior post; here is the full body painting of the bear design I've been working on. For this painting I didn't want to treat his fur as a flat solid colour as seen in the tonal study below. I still wanted to him to look and feel like a cartoon bear but with having a "fur like texture" to him. It was really fun playing with different techniques for building up the layers of fur to what is seen in the final painting.
I hope you all enjoy it.
Thanks for stopping by:)

Final Painting

Tonal Study

Rough Line Sketch


  1. Ooooh!! thats super cute!! I want him!! great Vince!!

  2. owww this bear is so adorable! Very nice job!!

  3. wooow!!! the fur texture is lovely...i want him for a pet!!haha! too good your work is!

  4. Nice designs man! Really diggin your work. :)

  5. @ BETOWERS, Tam Tam, Amanda & TH3DEN: Wow guys, thanks so much for all the wonderful comments! I'm so happy you all liked this painting! Cheers:)

  6. Really cute bear boss.. Love the expressions down below..

    1. Hey Gio, thanks for the great feedback! I'm glad you liked it:)